Meet The Team

Peter Atkinson



Peter is a former primary school teacher and ICT advisor.  He began developing his own interactive teaching resources over 15 years ago for a wide variety of educational publishers.  He is also an experienced storyteller and has visited hundreds of schools across the country with his innovative storytelling style using animated characters.  





Kate Blacklock

Primarily Science Consultant


Kate is a Primary Teacher at heart with an enthusiasm for all things science. Her teaching experiences have seen her working in the United Kingdom and abroad with various roles including Deputy Head and Science Subject Leader. She has provided primary science consultancy, courses and conferences across the country as well as producing materials for use in the primary schools. She worked as a teacher adviser for Primary Science in Lancashire and is now co-owner of the primary science consultancy ‘Primarily Science’

Discovery Dog is a friend to help you

plan Science Investigations.

Discovery Dog is a story-based teaching resource to support science at KS1 and KS2.  Each story presents a problem to be solved using different types of investigation and leads to practical science enquiry.  Often Nora (Discovery Dog’s niece) is the cause of the problems that need to be solved.  The children will try their hardest to help both these delightful characters find a solution.


The stories can be shown many times over and pressing the pause (paws) button will allow you to ask questions, make predictions or observations during the telling of the tale(tail).

The accompanying teacher’s notes are there as an aid to lesson planning and to provide more detailed guidance.